November 29, 2016 | Author: Dr. Kong



Acupuncture for constipation – ‘Relationship between constipation and weight gaining’ onstipation is defined as your number of bowel movement reduced to less than 3 times a week. 3 times a day to 3 times a week of bowel movement is considered to be a normal.

It is shown more in female than male and about 30% of female experience it according to statistics. with constipation, you will feel lower ab discomforts and gassy and bloated feeling come along with it.

When it gets worse, you might be able to feel the lump especially on left lower ab.

If the constipation lasts long, then it could eventually cause weight gaining.

Constipation can come in differently depending on age group. normally, 10~20s will have acne along with constipation and most of time it’s from stress and bad eating habit.

30~40s will have some break out onthe chin or around mouth and it’s normally due to urinary bladder imbalance.
50~60s will most likely have discoloration and dull dry skin with constipation which is due to lack essence in terms of acupuncture.
So, to lose weight with an acupuncture treatment for those who have constipation already will have to fix constipation issue before just focusing on losing weight.


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